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Best Holiday Eye shadow Pallete

One of the most annoying things is having all your favorite seasonal eye shadows on different pallets and having to carry around a bunch of stuff. Well I have found the perfect holiday pallet. It has every eye shadow that you need for the holidays to make every kind of look, from Christmas Eve to Christmas day looks! I love it! And the best part is that for a limited time only its ONLY $20 buck! How amazing id that?

This pallet was created by two sisters that make youtube videos showing their favorite makeup tips and ideas. Their names are Blair & Elle Fowler. They did an amazing job! Props to them!

Get it HERE!


More Outfit Ideas!

I don’t who she is but I absolutely LOVE her style!! I found this picture when I was browsing around on pinterest and I fell in love with every outfit so I am sharing it with you guys. I think the bottom one to the left is the perfect thanksgiving outfit! The red dress is just beautiful. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Makeup Ideas!

No outfit is complete without an amazing set of eyes! I love everyone of these options and I think I’m doing the one on the bottom to the right. I love Ashley Benson’s style! And I love the lip on the one on top! It’s a bloody red ombre look! Hope you get inspired!

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas!

For me picking an outfit for this holiday is kind of a hazard because I don’t want to look super glamoured up, but I don’t want to look casual. My family eats thanksgiving dinner at my grandmothers house and since we are a REALLY small family we don’t have anyone that we haven’t seen for more than two weeks there. We are a close family, well just my dad’s side, so when we gather at my grandmothers house for thanksgiving they’re no awkward moments because we are so used to each other. I love it that way. Now for New Years, that I spend with my moms side of the family, that’s another story, but we’ll get to that later. 

I put together three outfit with completely different styles for you guys to choose from no mater what’s your style, just choose the one that matches your personality more. 

I honestly do not know what happened to this outfit. it started out as very romantic with pearls and somehow ended up country, but it turned out so cute and I love it! If you get chilly just add some tights!

//see where the items are from HERE//

This outfit is so me. I love how simple, elegant & chic it is. The fact that the shirt just has a little bit of sequin makes it more put together than a full sequin shirt. the red blazer is a touch of me that I would do just to look more ready for the holidays, since Thanksgiving marks the beginning of Christmas. Ahhh I’m so excited!! The makeup is super simple and neutral. This is my favorite outfit for thanksgiving for now!

//see where the items are from HERE//

I started this outfit out with the pacsun skirt and from there everything just fell into place. I knew I wanted more of an edgy feel so I added studs, and lots of them. The earring is so awesome I just can’t imagine this outfit without it, it’s like the cherry on top! This studded jacked looks so bad ass that I had to do nude nails just to tone down the awesomeness of this outfit. (hahaha) I would definitely wear this just to hear what my family has to say about it. I think everyone should change up their style once in a while!

//see where the items are from HERE//

If you don’t like any of them then just keep searching. There’s something out there for everyone! I hope you love them! 


Time for some fall makeup inspiration! 

Give thanks for fabulous nails!

An outfit is never complete without fabulous looking nails! For inspiration I did some research on the best nails for thanksgiving and did a collage of my favorite manis! I did a mix of some simple and easy manis, and then for those out there that dare try the more risky ones… I included them too! Lets always be creative with ourselves! If this doesn’t get you into the turkey day mood what will? :)

Un vestido nunca esta completado sin uñas fabulosas! Busque en el internet las mejores uñas para el día de Acción de Gracias. Hize una mezcla de mis favoritas e incluí unas bien simples y otras para las que se atrevan a intentar las mas riesgosas! Vamos a ser creativos con nosotras mismas, siempre! Si esto no te emociona para el día del pavo no se que te emocionaria! :)

October Goodies

The end of October is here and I know it’s just sad. I absolutely loved October, but I’m excited for November as well. Instead of “October Favorites” I named it “October Goodies”, because I just think it sounds cuter! 
Now who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus? Favorite movie for Halloween right there. I am also loving deep shades of lipstick. The Nars lipstick is my favorite lipstick ever! It does last all day! This skull ring is just awesome. Addicted to Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, and loving these tights from Topshop.
Hope you liked this! :) Now to celebrate the last day of October I will watch Hocus Pocus with some lit pumpkin candles while drinking a Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte.

October Goodies by beautyralated 

Embellished legging / Lip makeup, $15 / NARS Cosmetics

Review: Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection Comfort Zone

Today I will do a review on this gorgeous eye shadow pallete. Retailing for about $4.99 it is a very inexpensive alternative for us women on a budget. I have to say this pallete is amazing! I did NOT expect this pallete to have such amazingly pigmented colors, but with just one swatch you can tell it is very pigmented. So usually I buy eye shadows that I see are very pigmented, expecting the best results, but when I apply them they don’t stick very well or they fade away during the day (even with a primer). Let me tell you that that is not the case with these wet&wild eye shadows. 

The first time I tested them out was a Saturday morning at 11am about 6 months ago. That day I went shopping, went to lunch with a friend, visited my grandparents, and at about 9pm got home. The eye shadow was still on my eyes and looked as good as it did at 11am. I was so amazed by their quality that I just started using them every time I was going out. (That day I used the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray eye primer) 

One of the best things about this pallete is that it can go from creating a really soft look for daytime to an intense look for nighttime.  I have been using this for some time now and I can say that I give it a strong 4 out of 5 stars. It didn’t get the full 5 stars because they do tend to create a lot of fallout when you’re applying it. What I do is do my eyes first, wipe off the fallout, and then put on everything else.


I have always wanted to attend a Masquerade Ball because I think it’s a night to be someone else, someone mysterious. That sounds exciting! I’ve always dreamed of just escaping into another world, just for that night, meet a stranger, and just fall in love with the night while dancing under the stars and wearing the most breathtaking gown of all… Well I’ll just keep waiting for my fairy tale night.

For those of you that have an amazing night like that coming soon I put together two of my favorite outfits for an event like this. If I was going to an event like this I would wear something extremely sexy, but if it was formal I would go all out, like Gossip Girl style!!

This dress just screamed sexiness so I paired it with my favorite mask ever (looks a lot like the one Serena wore). You can’t forget the red pumps. You can also add some fishnet tights if you dare.

This outfit I absolutely love! You will definitely be shining. It looks amazing with this mask and the red rose adds that sexiness we want. Because I wanted to make the rose my pop of color and center I decided to just go with some simple black pumps that all of us ladies have in our closet. 
forever21 dress

Next I included some gorgeous masks for inspiration!

Now put on your mask and escape…